Volunteers of Harit

Volunteering is a well hidden asset that has a positive effect on our communities and overall nation. Volunteers are the vital part of the non-profit organizations and provide a ready work force to support valuable work of non-profit organization. Volunteering is the voluntary donation of time and skills to perform tasks without expecting nothing direct financial compensation in return.

Benefits to individual volunteers-

  • Volunteer activities bring unknown people of our community together and help in building social networks which protect him/her against stress and depression in difficult periods of life.
  • These social networks built through volunteering helps us to provide both emotional benefits and actual assistance in hard time of our life
  • Volunteer service programs increase the ability of people of our society to lead a successful community based movement such as organizing a park clean- up or adopt a street program.
  • Volunteering increases the confidence of people and they become more active, having higher levels of happiness, life satisfaction and physical health. It’s also help in developing the skills like leadership, team work, management, communications and creativity.
  • Volunteering service increases the parental and community involvement in educational institutes.
  • Volunteers gain a sense of achievement generated from desire to promote the well being of others and help in improving the quality of human life.
  • Volunteering offers critical help to people in need and provide you a relaxing, energizing escape from your day to day activities of work or family commitments.
  • HARIT always encourage the volunteers to commit their free time to volunteering so that we can give back to our community and nation.